Lily-Rose tried to coax me into giving her champagne once, so I put it up to her nose and told her to smell it. She jumped back and said she didn’t really want to taste it. Then, another time, she asked me for a sip of wine, and again I let her smell it and she said it smelled horrible. I told her it smelled terrible because it was terrible, but she wouldn’t believe that because I drink it all the time.

Johnny Depp, 2005

#that is how you parent

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This is another reason why I respect this man so much. A lot of stars don’t care if they hurt their fans feelings or even care for them. Johnny spends hours outside of premiers just to meet fans and sign their pictures. He’s even said, “The only reason I’m here is because of them. The only reason that I still get jobs is because of those people out there who are hanging out in the street waiting to get something signed or say ‘hi’ and shake your hand. So if they want me to come and say ‘hi’, I am more than happy to say ‘hi’ and I’ll do it for as long as they want me to do it. They’re keeping me alive. They’re keeping my kiddies fed so they’re the boss as far as I’m concerned.” I love this man.